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André Beckershoff

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ERCCT, Universität Tübingen
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The relations between China and Taiwan have until recently been characterized by the contradiction of economic integration and political antagonism. Most puzzling is the form their recent political rapprochement has taken: as ideological obstacles block the road to formal intergovernmental cooperation, political practices have been displaced into the transnational space. In his PhD project "The Transnationalization of Cross-Strait Relations" (working title), André Beckershoff asks why inter-actions across the Strait have taken this particular form. What are the conditions of its emergence? How can we best describe its inner workings? What are the consequences of the transnationalization of authority? Building on the thought of Antonio Gramsci and Pierre Bourdieu, the project seeks to empirically analyze the specific mechanisms by which the hegemonic project across various civil society factions seeks to create consent, to forge compromises, to co-opt, or to marginalize integration-skeptic forces. It further asks, how the relationship of economic and political relations are re-articulated in the light of these developments, and how legitimacy is constructed.
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